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Aug 09 , 2019
General Tolerances @ E-Mold (apply unless specified otherwise) CNC (Metals): DIN ISO 2768 fine,  CNC (Plastics): DIN ISO 2768 medium   GENERAL TOLERANCES FOR LINEAR AND ANGULAR DIMENSIONS (DIN ISO 2768 T1)  LINEAR DIMENSIONS: Permissible deviations in mm for ranges in nominal...read more
Jul 05 , 2019
Anodizing is used to increase surface hardness, wear resistance and dielectric strength. Anodizing can also provide a good base for painting or colouring, creating an extremely stable but porous oxide layer on the surface of aluminum.     Type                        ...read more
Jul 01 , 2019
  The "parting line" (P/L), which is actually a parting "plane" is the surface (area) where the cavity and core meets, and where they are clamped together under the locking force of the clamping mechanism of the injection machine.   Choosing right Parting line is very important for the structure of plastic injection...read more
May 25 , 2019
The top 7 forms of CNC machining drive the development of method of metal components and parts during the manufacturing process in the industry. With the rise in technology, machining techniques have evolved over time. While many conventional and modern techniques are in the effective uses, CNC still remains as one of the most effective and...read more
May 23 , 2019
The plastic injection molding cycle consists of four phases: 1. Clamping is the closing of the mold. 2. Injection is the filling of the mold. 3. Cooling is the hardening of the plastic within the mold. 4. Ejection is the removal of the plastic part from the mold.   Clamping During the clamping portion of the injection...read more
May 23 , 2019
The success of a plated plastic part starts with design. The design should consider not only the molding requirements, but should also favor easy>to>plate contours which benefit molder and plater alike. Plated plastic part design should combine good design principles of both plastic moldings and electroplated parts. The most...read more
May 23 , 2019
  1. Sink marks   Appearance Picture Cause Correction Depressions on the surface of the molded part.   Sink marks are always produced in regions of accumulation of material when the contraction in volume arising during the cooling phase cannot be adequately compensated for by the...read more
May 23 , 2019
Among the vast array of industrial metal finishing options are two comparable processes known as electrophoretic deposition (colloquially known as electrocoating or e-coating) and powder coating. These two processes are similar, as they both involve the application of a coating to a substrate for purposes such as enhancing corrosion protection, increasing...read more
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