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Nov 29 , 2020
  *** Important Announcement ***                                                                                         ...read more
Apr 08 , 2020
— Special Processing of Precision Mold & Rapid tooling in E-Mold Rapid Manufacturing   1. EDM   Electrical discharge machining process is: between the tool and workpiece continually occur pulsed spark discharges producing local, transient high temperature, which keeps the metal melting, gasifying and removing. Sparks...read more
Mar 19 , 2020
There is a noticeable trend towards the use of aluminium alloys for medium- to high- volume production in recently years.   The principal advantages of this material are: 1. It costs less than steel. 2. It has good machineabilty: it machines up to 5–10 times faster than steel. 3. Distortion from machining is minimal compared to...read more
Mar 01 , 2020
Stamping mold is the process to exert pressure on the blank so that the blank will undergo steel transformation or separation to produce workpieces with fixed sizes, shapes and properties, stamping process can be divided into separating and forming.   Common stamping process   1. Separating Process Process    ...read more
Feb 29 , 2020
Below specification defines E-mold acceptance criteria of cosmetic inspection.   Classification on product surfaces. Class 1 Surface: Visible "ofter" by user. Class 2 Surface: Visible occasionlly or likely to be seen by user. Class 3 Surface: Normally not visible or only visible during installation.   1. Acceptance...read more
Feb 28 , 2020
Injection molding is principally used for the production of thermoplastic parts, although some progress has been made in developing a method for injection molding some thermosetting materials. The problem of injecting a melted plastic into a mold cavity from a reservoir of melted material has been extremely difficult to solve for thermosetting plastics...read more
Feb 23 , 2020
A complete stamping press tool for cutting two holes in work material at one stroke of the press is shown in Figure 1. Its type is a single-station piercing stamping mold.   Any complete stamping press tool, consisting of a pair(or a combination of pairs) of mating members for producing stamped parts, including all supporting and actuating...read more
Feb 22 , 2020
The parts of an injection mold are divided into the following categories based on their different functions. a) Mold closing state  b) Mold opening state 1-Moving half of a mold; 2-Fixed half of a mold; 3-Cooling channel; 4-Clamping plate of the fixed half; 5-Locating ring; 6-Sprue bush; 7- Punch; 8-Guide pillar; 9-Guide...read more
Feb 06 , 2020
Alloy steels are basically carbon steels with additional elements added to alter the characteris-tics and bring about a predictable change in the mechanical properties of the alloyed metal. Alloy steels are not normally used for most tools due to their increased cost, but some have been found favor for special applications. The alloying elements used most...read more
Aug 09 , 2019
General Tolerances @ E-Mold (apply unless specified otherwise) CNC (Metals): DIN ISO 2768 fine,  CNC (Plastics): DIN ISO 2768 medium   GENERAL TOLERANCES FOR LINEAR AND ANGULAR DIMENSIONS (DIN ISO 2768 T1)  LINEAR DIMENSIONS: Permissible deviations in mm for ranges in nominal...read more
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