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E-MOLD is a professional manufacturer with extensive expertise on Rapid tooling, Rapid Prototyping, CNC machining, and Low volume Manufacturing for automotive, electrical, medical, and consumer products.

E-MOLD offers comprehensive design evaluation and consultation, mold repair and alteration, machining and surface finishing services.


Rapid Tooling
E-mold expertise comprises Rapid tooling for Low to medium volum production in a short lead time(generally 1~3 weeks), starting from customer's approval of DFM to prompt delivery at... More info…
Plastic Injection Molding
Injection Molding is a very efficient and consistent way for producing low volume or mass produced plastic components: rapid production rates, hence low cost per part. More info…
CNC Machining
CNC machining is suitable for rapid prototypes and low volume production of metal or plastic component. It's the most accurate and precise method for close tolerances. More info…
Rapid Prototyping
For more than a decade, E-mold has been engaged in Rapid Prototyping and Low volume manufacturing of automotive, electrical, medical, and consumer products. More info…
Surface Finishing
E-mold provides custom surface finishing service, including: Color matching, Silk screen, Pad printing, Painting, Laser etching, Polishing and Sand blasting, E-Coating, Anodizing... More info…
Pressure Die Casting
E-mold provides manufacturing capabilities for die casting parts. ADC12, A380, AZ91D are commonly used raw materials. Other metals are also available upon customer request. More info…
Mold Flow Analysis for Mold & Tooling Design
The Moldflow analysis is a helpful simulation for mold design concept evaluated and optimized the design options, that guarantees us to build a high-quality plastic injection mold... More info…
Design for Manufacture
A very important aspect of project planning is assessing the design for manufacturability.During this phase, E-Mold project managers and engineers are looking for anything More info…
Quality Assurance
E-mold is an ISO9001 registered company. While the systems and processes are critical, the most important element is a skilled and well-trained work force. We are committed to providing... More info…

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E-mold rapid manufacturing Ltd !
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Email : louisa@e-moldrapid.com

Tel : (+86)1345 0999 345

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