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Apr 17 , 2024
  Steel and Cast iron are the most common ferrous metals in general use.     1. Steel   There are two general kinds of steel, carbon steel and alloy steel.     1.1 Carbon Steel   Carbon Steel are classified according to the percentage of carbon they contain.   a. Low carbon...read more
Oct 11 , 2023
  Additives are usually added into polymers to modify and improve certain characteristics, such as stiffness, strength, color, weatherability, flammability, arc resistance for electrical applications, and ease of subsequent processing. These additives are described below:     1. Fillers Fillers are particles added to plastics to...read more
Mar 19 , 2020
There is a noticeable trend towards the use of aluminium alloys for medium- to high- volume production in recently years.   The principal advantages of this material are: 1. It costs less than steel. 2. It has good machineabilty: it machines up to 5–10 times faster than steel. 3. Distortion from machining is minimal compared to...read more
Feb 06 , 2020
Alloy steels are basically carbon steels with additional elements added to alter the characteris-tics and bring about a predictable change in the mechanical properties of the alloyed metal. Alloy steels are not normally used for most tools due to their increased cost, but some have been found favor for special applications. The alloying elements used most...read more
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