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Tel : (+86)1345 0999 345 Email: louisa@e-moldrapid.com
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Company Overview


E-Mold is a professional manufacturer with extensive expertise on Rapid tooling, Rapid Prototyping, CNC machining, and Low volume manufacturing for automotive, electrical, medical, and consumer products.

E-Mold offers comprehensive design evaluation and consultation, mold modification and machining, and surface finishing services.


E-Mold is an operating division owned by Shineyuu, founded in 2004 by Tiger Wong.  Located in the Torch Development Zone of Zhongshan City, the facility now has over 100 employees in our group, and has an area of 5000 square meters.


We have specialized as a Rapid tooling designer and manufacturer for 15 years, with an experienced design team and professional engineering team to help you solve any design issues.

Through the ingenuity of our staff, cutting-edge advanced manufacturing techniques, we deliver products at a quality and efficiency that ensures customer success.


We are fully certified to ISO 9001 standards.

The workshops will advance your understanding of Rapid Tooling making, CNC process, Injection system, and our inspecting process.  More info…
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We have a team of experienced project managers ready to support your project. More info…
 ISO 9001: 2015 More info…

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E-mold rapid manufacturing Ltd !
Louisa Xiao

Email : louisa@e-moldrapid.com

Tel : (+86)1345 0999 345

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