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Precision Molds

We are having experience in design and manufacturing of precision mold and we are specialized in product development, design and manufacturing all kinds of the injection moulds. We are the leading manufacturers in Automobile, plumbing, electrical and house hold categories. With the help of innovative systems and advanced technology, we can provide excellent service to our clients like 3D CAD modeling, die simulation and die design services. Our cross functional teams are using the latest computerize inspection and scanning technology which ensures the durability and precision. In a modern world, majority of the manufacturers are offering precision mold service but we are the authorized place to offer this service.


Our precision mold service include:

Our tools are especially designed and developed for regular so we never satisfy with the quality. There are tons of reasons there to choose our service such as, 

  • Quality and integrity.  

  • Logical engineering. 

  • Punctual delivery. 

  • Project management. 

  • Tooling with accuracy and skill.


Our project engineer might identify the ways to minimize the program and try to avoid the program pitfalls via early problem detection. Our precision molds are designed with the amazing numbers of the features like seamless finish, optimum strength and anti-corrosive. We are providing you the complete choice of the products that include precision moulds. With our extensive years of experience, we are recognized as the best solution provider to offer total service from the initial concepts via production and design. Our latest technology might ensure optimum consistency which can provide complete assurance that precision mold is forefront of the mold production. We are the certified company to provide excellent service to our clients at reasonable price. We will diagnose, repair and maintain your tooling which makes sure that you can get the top quality parts at reasonable price. We have highly talented team to implement any design which helps to change your tooling. 


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E-mold rapid manufacturing Ltd !
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Tel : (+86)1345 0999 345

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