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Sep 23 , 2023
  The injection parts stick to the mold, making it rather difficult for ejection.   Below are some reasons that caused the issue: 1. Too much injection materials. 2. Overhigh injection pressure, overlarge dwell pressure and overlong dwell time. 3. Overhigh melt temperature. 4. Overhigh mold temperature. 5. Incorrect design...read more
Aug 28 , 2023
  Injection molds have a limited service life, appropriate measure can greatly extend this. Here share the methods which E-Mold used to cleaning, maintenance and storage of our customer's injection molds.   1. Cleaning and Maintenance of Heating and Cooling Channel Heating and cooling channels must be cleaned thoroughly to...read more
Nov 14 , 2022
  Basic Injection Mold Types   The most common injection mold types which used in E-Mold: two-plate mold; three-plate mold; hot-runner mold.   1. Two-Plate Mold A two-plate mold consists of two plates with the cavity and cores mounted in either plate. The plates are fastened to the press platens. The moving half of the...read more
Feb 22 , 2020
The parts of an injection mold are divided into the following categories based on their different functions. a) Mold closing state  b) Mold opening state 1-Moving half of a mold; 2-Fixed half of a mold; 3-Cooling channel; 4-Clamping plate of the fixed half; 5-Locating ring; 6-Sprue bush; 7- Punch; 8-Guide pillar; 9-Guide...read more
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