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Parting Line Selection
Jul 01,2019 | Views: 203


The "parting line" (P/L), which is actually a parting "plane" is the surface (area) where the cavity and core meets, and where they are clamped together under the locking force of the clamping mechanism of the injection machine.


Choosing right Parting line is very important for the structure of plastic injection mold.


1. Basic form of parting line

                 Expressive methods of parting line


                     Various forms of parting line


2. General principle of choosing parting line

In most molds, the P/L is at right angles to the direction of the opening of the mold, this is the simplest and best condition.


2.1 The parting line should be easily for demolding.


2.2 The parting line must guarantee quality of plastic parts.




2.3 The parting line should be ground on both matching faces of the cavity and the core to avoid any “flashing” (escaping plastic film or burr) of the mold during injection. Such flash must be removed after molding and can require very costly (manual or mechanical) operations.



2.4 Venting at the parting line

The venting at the parting line is usually easy, to achieve a uniform vent gap large enough to let the air escape but small enough to keep the plastic from flashing, vents are usually produced by careful grinding after the P/L is finished. The depth of a vent is 0.005 to 0.015mm, and occasionally somewhat larger, depending on the location of the vent and the viscosity of the injected plastic.


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