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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the automatic construction of physical objects using solid freeform fabrication.


Rapid prototypes are normally applied for design development or certification, product evaluation, production & process analysis, and tooling fabrication, resulting in significant time saving for product development.


With 15+ years of experience, E-MOLD's specialist team offers excellent service for Rapid prototyping that assists you striking the right balance between high-quality, low cost, and short production lead-time. This translates into time and cost saving for customer seeking a competitive edge advance in form fit and function testing, pre-marketing, and low volume manufacturing alternative.


E-MOLD offers a wide range of Rapid Prototyping technologies including:


CNC Machining          


3D printing


Urethane Vacuum Casting


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Tel : (+86)1345 0999 345

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