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Pressure Die Casting

E-Mold provides manufacturing capabilities for die casting parts, ADC12, A380, AZ91D are commonly used raw materials. Other metals are also available upon customer request.

In pressure Die Casting molding process, the molten metal is injected into mold cavity (die) under high pressure and temperature, then rapidly cooled until the solidified part is sufficiently rigid to permit ejection from the mold.


Currently we have 6 of die casting machine in house.

Facility Brand Size Quantity
Cold-chamber RUIDA  RDC 500 2
Cold-chamber RUIDA  RDC 300 2
Hot-chamber RUIDA  RDH 138 2

* Cold-chamber is used for aluminium and magnesium alloys.

* Hot-chamber is used for zinc alloys.


Shown below is the difference between Cold chamber and Hot chamber. The Sprue replaces the cold chamber in the hot chamber process.

A-Parting Line: Surface where two die halves come together.

B-Cover Die Half: Stationary half that forms casting exterior.

C-Ejector Die Half: Moveable half that forms casting interiors.

D-Box: Unit containing the entire casting ejector mechanism.

E-Ejector Plate: Actuates ejector pins to release casting from die.

G-Runners & Gate: Passages from plunger hole to die cavity.

H-Sprue Pin: Core which keeps casting in ejector half of die.

I-Fixed Core: Core which keeps casting in ejector half of die.

J-Ejector Pin: Pin which forces casting from cavity and core.

K-Rack: Shaft which actuates moving cores can injector plates.

L-Die Cavity: Die recess in which casting is formed.

M-Surface Pin: Large ejector pin which resets the ejection system.



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