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Tel : (+86)1345 0999 345 Email: louisa@e-moldrapid.com
E-mold is a professional manufacturer with extensive expertise on Low volume manufacturing, OEM manufacturing, CNC Machining, Plastic injection molding, Precision mold, Stamping mold and Sheet metal fabrication..

Our services extend to automotive, electrical, medical, and consumer products.


E-mold offers comprehensive design evaluation and consultation, mold modification and machining, and surface finishing services. From a full package production mold to the proof of concept prototyping, E-mold provides you a cost effective, comprehensive solution in a timely manner.

Contact us now and let us know your requirements, we will provide you with a customized services.

Rapid Tooling
E-mold expertise comprises Rapid Prototype tooling for manufacturing in a short lead time (generally 1~3 weeks), starting from customer's approval of DFM to prompt...More info…
CNC Machining
At E-Mold, we tailor our CNC machining services to service each customer's individual project. All materials are scourced to customer specifications and include, but are not...More info…
Plastic Injection Molding
At E-Mold, we provide one step service (from design to injection) for our customers, as well as tooling modifications according to customer specification.More info…
Sheet Metal Stamping
An ISO 9001 approved supplier, E-Mold consistently work towards excellence of both part quality and customer service. More info…
Precision Molds
E-Mold specialized in Precision Mold, has rich experience in mold design, machining, precision plastic & metal stamping production.More info…
Design for Manufacture
A very important aspect of project planning is assessing the design for manufacturability.During this phase, E-Mold project managers and engineers are looking for...More info…
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Oct 11 , 2023
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Sep 23 , 2023
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Aug 28 , 2023
  Injection molds have a limited service life, appropriate measure can greatly extend this. Here share the methods which E-Mold used to cleaning,...

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E-mold rapid manufacturing Ltd !
Louisa Xiao

Email : louisa@e-moldrapid.com

Tel : (+86)1345 0999 345

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